Briggs and stratton online repair manuals

Briggs and Stratton engines call for any gasoline that is intended for automotive  use and has an octane rating higher than 77. It is recommended that a lead-free gasolinebe used because lead-free gasolines leave fewer deposits and tend to prolong valve life.It is not recommended to use any gasoline that contains alcohols such as Gasohol,Ethanol, or Methanol.

Fuel System:
The fuel system is designed to transform liquid fuel into an atomized state, or an
air-fuel mixture. After creating this air-fuel mixture, it is the job of the system to
transport the mixture into the cylinder head where it will be compressed and ignited.
The fuel system on many types of small engines is serviced by one or a
combination of the following:
1. Cleaning jets, ports, and all other carburetor parts.
2. Removing old and/or dirty fuel and all trash particles from the system.
3. Replacing diaphragms, gaskets, O-rings, and/or springs.
4. Replacing Worn or Faulty parts.
Servicing the fuel system, which consists of the fuel tank, the carburetor, the fuel line,
and the fuel filter, will be covered more thoroughly in other labs.
download Small Gas Engine Service & Maintenance here for Briggs and stratton online repair manuals download from here


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